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Title Character Director Venue
My Zinc Bed Victor Quinn David Hare Royal Court
King Lear Lear Max Stafford Clark Royal Court
White Chameleon Christopher/Father Richard Eyre National Theatre
The Crucible John Proctor Howard Davies National Theatre
The Cherry Orchard Lopahkin Peter Brook Royal Academy / Soviet & Japanese Tour
An Enemy of The People Dr. Stockmann David Thacker Young Vic / Playhouse
Ghosts Pastor Manders David Thacker Young Vic / Wyndhams
Tom and Viv Tom Max Stafford Clark Royal Court
Viva Bill Thackery Andy de la Tour / Roger Smith Stratford East
Dreyfuss Nancy Meckler Hampstead Theatre
Love Girl and The Innocent Clifford Williams Royal Shakespeare Company
As You Like It Corin Terry Hands Royal Shakespeare Company
Merchant of Venice Antonio John Barton Royal Shakespeare Company
The Passion Play Bill Bryden National Theatre
Hamlet Horatio John Barton National Theatre
Julius Caesar John Schlesinger National Theatre
Henry V Title Role Geoffrey Reeves Birmingham Rep
Uncle Vanya Astrov John Dove Belgrade Coventry
Brand Title Role John Tarlton Oxford Playhouse
Peer Gynt Title Role David Williams Edinburgh Lyceum
Henry IV Hotspur Nottingham
Three Sisters Tusenbach Richard Eyre Nottingham
The Churchill Play Jimmy Richard Eyre Nottingham
The Comedians Connors Richard Eyre Nottingham
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Title Role Director Production Company
SAS: Red Notice Lewis Magnue Martens Periwinkle Productions
Dead in a Week or Your Money Back Leslie Tom Edmunds Guild of Assasins
The Titan Prof. Martin Collingwood Lennart Ruff 42
Burden Tom Griffin Andrew Heckler Bill Kenwright Films
The Happy Prince Father Dunne Rupert Everett Maze Pictures
The Catcher Was a Spy Paul Scherrer Ben Lewin PalmStar Media
This Beautiful Fantastic Alfie Stephenson Simon Aboud Ipso Facto Productions
Denial Richard Rampton Mick Jackson Foster Entertainment
Snowden Ewen MacAskill Oliver Stone Endgame Entertainment
The Choice Shep Ross Katz Nicholas Sparks Productions
Jenny's Wedding Eddie Mary Agnes Donoghue MM Productions
Little Boy Fr. Oliver Alejandro Monteverde Metanoia Films
Unfinished Business Timothy McWinters Ken Scott Regency Enterprises
Selma President Lyndon B. Johnson Ava DuVernay Pathé
Good People DI John Halden Henrik Ruben Genz Millennium Films
The Grand Budapest Hotel Author Wes Anderson Fox Searchlight Pictures
Felony Detective Carl Summer Matthews Saville Benaroya Pictures
Belle Lord Mansfield Amma Asante DJ Films
The Lone Ranger Cole Gore Verbinski Walt Disney Pictures
The Samaritan Xavier David Weaver H2O Motion Pictures
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol IMF Secretary Brad Bird Paramount Pictures
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Graham Dashwood John Madden Blueprint Pictures
The Green Hornet James Reid Michel Gondry Columbia Pictures Corporation
Burke and Hare Doctor Robert Knox John Landis Ealing Studios
The Conspirator Reverdy Johnson Robert Redford The American Film Company
The Debt Stephan Gold John Madden Miramax
The Ghost Writer Paul Emmett Roman Polanski R.P. Productions
44 Inch Chest Archie Malcolm Venville Prescience Media
Duplicity Howard Tully Tony Gilroy Universal Pictures
Valkyrie General Friedrich Fromm Bryan Singer MGM
RocknRolla Lenny Cole Guy Ritchie Warner Bros
Michael Clayton Arthur Edens Tony Gilroy Samuelsl Media
Cassandra's Dream Howard Swann Woody Allen Iberville Productions
Dedication Rudy Holt Justin Theroux Plum Pictures
The Last Kiss Stephen Tony Goldwyn Lakeshore Entertainment
The Night of The White Pants Max Hagan Amy Talkington Adirondack Pictures
Ripley Under Ground John Webster Roger Spottiswoode Cinerenta
Separate Lies James Manning Julian Fellowes 20th Century Fox
The Exorcism of Emily Rose Father Moore Scott Derrickson Screen Gems
Batman Begins Carmine Falcone Christopher Nolan Warner Bros
Piccadilly Jim Bingley Crocker John McKay Myriad Pictures
A Good Woman Tuppy Mike Baker Beyond Films
Stage Beauty Thomas Betterton Richard Eyre Qwerty Films
Eternal Sushine of The Spotless Mind Dr. Mierzwiak Michael Gondry Focus Features
If Only Taxi Driver Gil Junger Intermedia Films
Girl With a Pearl Earring Van Ruijven Peter Webber Archer Street Productions
Before You Go Frank Lewis Gilbert Arkangel Productions
The Importance of Being Earnest Dr. Chasuable Oliver Parker Miramax
Black Knight Sir Knolte of Marlborough Gil Junger 20th Century Fox
Another Life Mr. Carlton Philip Goodhew Boxer Films
In The Bedroom Matt Fowler Todd Field Good Machine
Chains of Fools Bollingsworth Pontus Löwenhielm Bel Air Entertainment
Essex Boys John Dyke Terry Windsor Granad Films
The Patriot Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis Roland Emmerich Columbia Pictures
Ride With The Devil Orton Brown Ang Lee Universal Pictures
Molokai Brother Dutton Paul Cox Era Films
Shakespeare In Love Hugh Fennyman John Madden Miramax
Jilting Joe Wyatt Dan Zeff Warner Sisters
Rush Hour Griffin/Juntao Brett Ratner New Line Cinema
The Governess Mr. Charles Cavendish Sandra Goldbacher Parallax
Oscar & Lucinda Hugh Stratton Gillian Armstrong AFFC
Wilde The Marquess of Queensberry Brian Gibert BBC Films
The Full Monty Gerald Paeter Catteneo Redwave Films
Smilla's Sense of Snow Prof. Loyen Bille August Bavaria Film
The Ghost and the Darkness Robert Beaumont Stephen Hopkins Pueblo Films
Sense and Sensibility Mr. Dashwood Ang Lee Columbia Pictures
Priest Father Matthew Thomas Antonia Bird BBC Films
A Business Affair Bob Charlotte Brandstrom Canal+
In The Name of The Father Appeal Prosecutor Jim Sheridan Hell's Kitchen Films
Royal Deceit Hardvendel Gabriel Axel Lee Films Ariane
All Things Bright and Beautiful Father McAteer Barry Devlin The Good Film Company
Paper Mask Dr. Thorn Christopher Morahan Granada International
Bones Tom Jim Goddard Moving Picture Company
Sylvia Keith Henderson Michael Firth Enterprise Pictures
Wetherby Roger Braithwaite David Hare Greenpoint Films
Sakharov KGB Colonel Jack Gold Titus Productions
Sharma and Beyond Vivian Brian Gilbert Enigma
The Shadow Line Ransome Andrzej Wajda Film Polski
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Title Role Director Production Company
The Full Monty Gerald Various Directors Little Island Productions
Begravia Peregrine, Earl of Brockenhurst Various Directors Carnival Film and Television
Watership Down Threarah (Voice) Naom Murro/Peter Dodd BBC
The Kennedys Joe Kennedy Sr. Jon Kassar History Channel
A Number Salter James McDonald HBO
Recount James Baker Jay Roach HBO
John Adams Benjamin Franklin Tom Hooper HBO
Normal Roy Applewood Jane Anderson HBO
An Angel for May Sam Wheeler Harley Cokeliss Barzo Productions
The Gathering Storm Sir Robert Vansittart Richard Loncraine HBO Films
Cold Enough for Snow Hugh Lloyd Piers Haggard BBC
Crossing The Floor David Hantratty Guy Jenkin BBC
Interview Day Hugh Piers Haggard Greenpoint Films
A Very Open Prison Home Secretary Guy Jenkin Screen II
Martin Chuzzlewit Seth Pecksniff Pedr James BBC
Measure For Measure Duke Vincentio David Thacker BBC
Allen Mysteries Gerald Lacklander Jim Goddard BBC
Resnick: Tough Treatment D.I. Charlie Resnick Peter Smith BBC
Stay Lucky Allon Steve Goldie YTV
An Exchange of Fire President Slajek Tony Bicât Channel 4
Resnick: Lonely Hearts D.I. Charlie Resnick Various BBC
Underbelly Paul Mannning Nick Renton BBC
Prime Suspect Peter Rawlins Chris Menaul Granada
Lovejoy Ashley Wilkes Don Leaver BBC
Parnell & The Englishwoman Sir Charles Russell John Bruce BBC
Inspector Morse Jake Normington John Madden Zenith Entertainment
First and Last Stephen Alan Dossor BBC
Sometime in August Dr. Middleton John Glenister BBC
The Ruth Rendell Mysteries Robert Hathall Don Leaver TVS
The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank Silberbauer John Erman Yorkshire
The Woman He Loved Ernest Simpson Charles Jarrott HTV
First Among Equals Raymond Gould Various Directors Granada Television
Happy Families Jack Paul Jackson BBC
Travelling Man Jackson Sebastian Graham Jones Granada Television
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple Detective Inspector Neele Guy Slater BBC
Squaring The Circle Rulewski Mike Hodges TVS
Strangers and Brother George Passant Ronald Wilson BBC
Spyship Martin Taylor Various Directors BBC
All for Love Eddie Moria Armstrong Granada Television
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Award Title
Academy Award Nomination - Best Supporting Actor Michael Clayton
BAFTA Nomination - Best Supporting Actor Michael Clayton
SAG Award Nomation - Best Supporting Actor Michael Clayton
Golden Globe Nomination - Best Supporting Actor Michael Clayton
Academy Award Nomination - Best Supporting Actor In The Bedroom
BAFTA Nomination - Best Actor In The Bedroom
SAG Award Nomation - Best Actor In The Bedroom
BAFTA Nomination - Best Supporting Actor Shakespeare In Love
SAG Award Winner - Best Supporting Actor Shakespeare In Love
BAFTA Award Winner - Best Supporting Actor The Full Monty
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