Curriculum Vitae


Title Character Director Venue
Midsummer Night's Dream Demetrius Chris Ashley La Jolla, San Diego
The 39 Steps Richard Hannay Maria Aitken Helen Hayes: Broadway
The Seafarer Nicky Giblin Conor McPherson Booth Theatre: Broadway
Confessions of a Catholic Child Man Lauren McCormack VTP: Los Angeles
A Yankee Trader Patrick Cowen Ian Vogt VTP: Los Angeles
Stones in His Pocket Jake Neel Keller Mark Taper Forum: LA
Translations Owen David Cromer Seanachi Theatre: Chicago
Savage in Limbo Murk Rosanna DeSilvo Centre Theatre: Chicago
One For The Road Roger Fuller Tom Ronayne Sandyford Dublin
Big Maggie Mick Michael A Doyle Sandyford Dublin
Drama at Inish Jim Hegarty Michael Doyle Snr Sandyford Dublin
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Title Role Director Production Company
Hail Mary Det. Bill Smith Kerry Johnston Mythologie Pictures
The Edge Of Chaos Derek Keenan Sam Uhlemann New Stage Films
The Cursed John Adam Sean Ellis LD Entertainment
End of The Sentence Andrew Elfar Adalsteins Berserk Films
Don't Go Dave Pearce David Gleeson Mandeville Films DAC
Anthropoid Dr. Eduard Sean Ellis Chocolate Frog Film
Jack Taylor: In Purgatory Tom Farrell Charlie McCarthy Telegael
The Last Treasure Hunt Ernie Patrick Biesemans Lights Down Low
The Legend of Longwood Marc Dumonceau Lisa Mulcahy Grand Pictures
Philomena Michael Stephen Fears BBC Films
Zero Dark Thirty Prince Pilot Kathryn Bigelow PBS
Dark Shadows Collinsport Cop Tim Burton Warner Bros
Higher Ground Liam Vera Farmiga BCDF Pictures
Fair Game CIA Analyst #1 Doug Liman Zucker Pictures
Mr & Mrs Smith Lucky Doug Liman Regency/Summit
The Hulk Comanche Pilot Ang Lee Universal
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Title Role Director Production Company
Eastenders Ray Kelly Various Directors BBC
Red Rock S3 Brian McGonigle Various Directors Element Pictures
Red Rock S2 Brian McGonigle Various Directors Element Pictures
Red Rock S1 Brian McGonigle Various Directors Element Pictures
Then We Got Help! Terry Various Directors
Army Wives Professor George Kelling Matia Karrell Lifetime
Fringe Drew Michael Zinberg WB
As The World Turns George John O'Connell CBS
Gargoyles Deacon David Flores SciFi
Line of Fire Carl Sampson Rod Lurie ABC
ER Community Hospital Doctor Felix Alcala NBC
Everwood Pseudo Patient Sandy Smolan WB
The Agency Delaney Joe Chapelle CBS
Angel Trucker Turi Meyer WB
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Award Title
IFTA Award - Best Lead Actor - Television - Nominee Red Rock
IFTA Male Performance in Soap or Comedy (Nominee) Red Rock


  • American-East Coast
  • American-Midwest
  • Belfast
  • Dublin
  • Galway
  • London
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • RP
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Seán Mahon - 3 Mobile - Calm, Lyrical, Uplifting


Seán Mahon - Jamesons - Storytelling, Gravelly, Distinct


Seán Mahon - Jurassic Park - US Accent


Seán Mahon - Surgeons Documentary - Honest, Reassuring, Friendly


Seán Mahon - UNICEF - Light, Engaging


Seán Mahon - HSBC - Upbeat, Natural


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