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Title Character Director Venue
Curtains Ida Lindsay Posner Rose Theatre Kingston
Motherland Olga Katie Henry Stand Fast Theatre
Meeting Bea Mrs. Potter/Landlady Peter James Old Laundry Theatre
Macbeth Second Witch Daniel Evans Crucible Theatre Sheffield
Chair The Prisoner Edward Bond Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
Three Sisters Antisa Sean Holmes Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
The Oresteia Agamemnon, The Choephorei, Eumenides Gregory Thompson The Fisher Centre
The White Devil Cornelia Jonathan Munby The Chocolate Factory
Attempts On Her Life Katie Mitchell National Theatre
The Father Nanny Angus Jackson Minerva Theatre Chichester
Home Shetland Auld Wils Wilson National Theatre of Scotland
Enemies Agrafina Michael Attenborough Almeida Theatre
The Girl With Red Hair Sadie Mike Bradwell Bush Theatre
Home Marjorie Sean Holmes Oxford Stage Company
Playhouse Creatures Doll Common John Tiffany West Yorkshire Playhouse
Camera Obscura Rose Jonathan Miller Almeida Theatre
Henry V Mistress Quickly Ed Hall R.S.C.
Henry IV Part 1 Mistress Quickly Michael Attenborough R.S.C.
Henry IV part 2 Mistress Quickly Michael Attenborough R.S.C.
The Vertical Line Woman Simon McBurney Artangel/Aldwych
Romeo And Juliet The Nurse Michael Attenborough R.S.C. Tour
Attempts On Her Life Mum Tim Albery Royal Court Theatre/Ambassadors Theatre
A Delicate Balance Edna Tom Cairns Nottingham Playhouse
Trouble Sleeping Rosemary Nick Ward Croydon Theatre
The Winter Guest Chloe Alan Rickman West Yorkshire Playhouse/Almeida
The Kitchen Violet Stephen Daldry Royal Court Theatre
The Deep Blue Sea Mrs. Elton Karel Reiz Almeida Theatre
Medea Nurse and Chorus Phyllida Lloyd Royal Exchange
Saturday Sunday Monday Rosa Tony Clarke Birmingham Rep.
The Birthday Party Meg Nancy Meckler Shared Experience
Dona Rosita Housekeeper Phyllida Lloyd Bristol Old Vic
One Woman Show Christina Sheila Kelly Tour of Shetland Islands
The Strangeness Of Others Nick Ward National Theatre
Nana Sarah Pia Anderson Almeida Theatre
Gin Trap Aunt Irene Sheila Kelly Bush Theatre
Maria Marten Mrs. Marten Peter James Crucible Theatre Sheffield
Blisters Emmie Sheila Kelly/Sarah Pia Anderson Bush Theatre
Great Sheffield Flood Mel Smith Crucible Theatre Sheffield
Firor Blush Iris Sarah Pia Anderson Bush Theatre
Last Resort Belle Sarah Pia Anderson Bush Theatre
Government Inspector Madame Andreyevna Oleg Tabakov Crucible Theatre Sheffield
A Nightingale Sang Mother Nick Kent Oxford Playhouse
Cinderella Fairy Godmother Chris Parr Crucible Theatre Sheffield
Landmarks Mrs Mayse Peter Egan Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
Seagull Polina Mike Alfred Almeida Theatre/Tour
Mother Courage Mother Courage Sue Pomeroy Phoenix Theatre Leicester
The Comedy Without Title Menage and others Mike Alfreds Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
Successful Strategies Contessa Mike Alfreds Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
False Admissions Madame Argent Mike Alfreds Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
Marriage Fyolka Mike Alfreds Lyric Theatre Hammersmith
Romeo and Juliet Nurse Euan Smith Crucible Theatre Sheffield
Daughter In Law Mrs Purdie John Dove Bloomsbury Theatre/Tour
Hedda Gabler Aunt Juju Michael Boyd Haymarket Theatre
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Title Role Director Production Company
Leech (Short) Mary Hugo Cintra George Coley
Geoff (short) Gertie Michael Rouse/Will Kenning
An Old Spark (short) Maggie Michael Searle
Strange Weather (short) Mum Tom Shrapnel
Blood Sandra Nick Murphy Red Productions
Faintheart Julian's Mum Vito Rocco The Big Room Studios
Hidden Flaws Mrs Flynt Paula Van der Oest Sell Out Pictures
Shadows In The Sun Hilary Calder David Rocksavage Giant Films
Vera Drake Vera's Mother Mike Leigh Thin Man Films
The Lake Elizabeth Robert Golden Robert Golden Films
Janice Beard Mimi Claire Kilner Dakota Films
Felicia's Journey Car Boot Woman Atom Egoyan Marquis Films
Drifting Mairi Martin Bryerly TT02
The Winter Guest Chloe Alan Rickman Fine Line Features
Breaking The Waves Mother Lars Von Trier Zentropa Productions
Immortal Beloved Frau Frolich Bernard Rose Icon/ Warner Bros
Naked Bag Lady Mike Leigh Thin Man Films
Desire Gavin's Mother Andrew Birkin Canal Plus 2
Erik The Viking Ivor's Mum Terry Jones Prominent Features
Comrade Diana Stanfield Bill Douglas Skreba
Local Hero Mrs Fraser Bill Forsythe Enigma Films
The Ploughman's Lunch Carmen Richard Eyre Goldcrest
Agatha Hydrotherapist Michael Apted Warner Bros
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Title Role Director Production Company
This Sceptred Isle Morag Cummings Michael Winterbottom Revolution Films
Trigonometry Ruth Athina Rachel Tsangari House Trig Limited For The BBC
Call The Midwife - Christmas Special Morag Norris Syd Macartney Neal Street Productions for The BBC
Vikings Witch Various World 2000 Prods
Howards End Miss Avery Hettie McDonald B.B.C.
The Coroner Peggy Niall Fraser B.B.C.
Reg Nan David Blair B.B.C.
Doctors Ingrid Knight Tracey Larcombe B.B.C.
Arthur and George Mam Stuart Orme I.T.V.
Shetland Mima Peter Hoare B.B.C.
Law & Order U.K. Harriet Pelham Joss Agnew Kudos
Holby City Adrianne McKinney Nigel Douglas B.B.C.
Wallander Betty Laurenson Andy Wilson Left Bank/B.B.C.
The Bill Maureen Robbie Del Maestro Thames T.V.
Midsommer Murders Lorna Hastings Sarah Hellings Bentley Prods
Wild At Heart Joan Cilla Ware Company Pictures
Monarch Of The Glen Proctor Rob Knights Ecosse
Foyles War Mrs Roecastle Jeremy Silberston Bentley Prods
Ready When You Are Mr McGill Nancy Paul Seed Working Title
Playing The Field (2 series) Mrs Powell Various Tiger Aspect
Kid In The Corner Helen Billie Eltringham Tiger Aspect
The Last Musketeer Peggy Ingrams Bill Britten S.T.V.
Real Women 11 Karen's Mum Phil Davies B.B.C.
Great Expectations Camilla Pocket Julian Jarrold B.B.C.
Holding On Annie Bury Adrian Shergold B.B.C.
The Hello Girls Mrs Sands Richard Laxton B.B.C.
Bare Necessities Beryl Paul Unwin Granada T.V.
A Village Affair Mrs. Finch Moira Armstrong Warner Sisters
Body And Soul Peggy Moira Armstrong Red Rooster
The Crying Game Roy's Mum Peter Richardson Comic Strip
Love Hurts Marilyn Guy Slater,Carol Wiseman B.B.C.
Uncle Vanya Marina Simon Curtis B.B.C.
Taggart Dr. Clyde S.T.V.
Paradise Club Grace Noonan Zenith
Changing Step Sister McCabe Richard Wilson B.B.C.
London's Burning June Ingham Les Blair London Weekend T.V.
Look Me In The Eye Head Teacher Nick Ward Skreba / B.B.C.
Making Waves Evelyn Chris Parr B.B.C.
A Guilty Thing Surprised Mrs. Cantrip Mary McMurray T.V.S. T.V.
Dr. Findlay's Casebook Mrs. Cochran B.B.C.
Stepping Out Emmie Sheila Kelley B.B.C.
How We Used To Live Yorkshire T.V.
Emmerdale Gladys Bullock Yorkshire T.V.
Coronation Street Granada T.V.
General Hospital Alan Tarrant A.T.V.
Sounding Brass John Cooper A.T.V.
Donal And Sally Mother Brian Parker B.B.C.
Somewhere More Central Lou Wakefield B.B.C.
Bread Or Blood Mother Peter Smith B.B.C.
Brother To The Ox Missus John Willis Yorkshire T.V.
Happy Since We Met Headmistress Baz Taylor Granada T.V.
Gaskin Rosie Alan J Bell B.B.C.
Across The Water Auntie Paul Seed B.B.C.
Gates Of Gold Social Worker Jon Amiel B.B.C.
The Practice Mad Mother David Richards Granada T.V.
Silent Twins Helen Jon Amiel B.B.C.
Picture Friend Mrs Posh Neighbour Nick Renton B.B.C.
Y.E.S. Ma Venables David Dunn, John Cooper Central T.V.
The Refuge Lil Carole Hayman Channel 4
Knowing The Score Chrissie Brian Parker B.B.C.
Past Caring Cath Richard Eyre B.B.C.
Open All Hours Mrs Shop Sydney Lotterby B.B.C.
Coppers Mother Ted Clisby B.B.C.
Secrets Dreams Beautiful Lies Mrs. Antique Shop David Tucker B.B.C.
Victoria Wood Special Molly Geoff Posner B.B.C.
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Title Role Director Production Company Type
For The Love Of Leo Rose Fabiani Marilyn Imrie BBC Radio 4 Radio
Believe It Aunt Hilda Jon Canter BBC Radio 4 Radio


  • Commentating
  • Voice Over


  • Aberdeen
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Central Scottish
  • Derby
  • Dorset
  • Essex
  • Glasgow
  • Highlands
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Nottingham
  • Scottish-Standard
  • Yorkshire
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Sandra Voe - Commercial Reel


Sandra Voe - Audible - Scottish, Animated, Characterful, Engaging


Sandra Voe - Wilko - Confident, Joyful, Upbeat


Sandra Voe - PensionWise - Fun, Quirky, Trustworthy


Sandra Voe - Yakult - Distinctive, Playful, Fun


Sandra Voe - Waitrose - Warm, Friendly, Homely


Sandra Voe - Eurostar - Clear, Vibrant, Informative


Sandra Voe- Audiobook 1-Scottish


Sandra Voe- Audiobook 2- RP


Sandra Voe- TV Narration


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