Curriculum Vitae


Title Character Director Venue
The Busy World is Hushed Thomas Paul Higgins Finborough Theatre
Four Play Andrew Jonathan O'Boyle Theatre 503
The Last Days of Troy Ensemble Nick Bagnall Shakespeare's Globe
Karagula Spartak/Mitch/Logan Max Barton Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts


Title Role Director Production Company
Official Secrets Clerk Gavin Hood Classified Films Ltd


Title Role Director Production Company
Masters of the Air Sgt. Loren Darling Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck SDTA Productions Limited
The Nevers Teen Boy Joss Whedon HBO
Hullraisers Martin Ian Fitzgibbon Fable Pictures
Wild Bill Terry Maguire Annie Griffin 42
Knightfall (Series 2) Quentin Rick Jacobson Stillking Films
Outlander Robbie David Brown Starz
Our Girl Abu (aka Jason Raynott) Jan Matthys BBC
Doctors Thomas 'Tommo' Craig Piotr Szkopiak BBC
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  • Baritone - High
  • Drums
  • Period Dancing
  • Stage Combat
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Football.
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  • American-Southern States
  • American-Standard
  • Cockney
  • London
  • Northern
  • Nottingham*
  • RP
  • Yorkshire
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  • English

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