Curriculum Vitae


Title Character Director Venue
My White Best Friend (Workshop) The Royal Exchange
Light Falls Ashe Sarah Frankcom Royal Exchange Theatre
There is a Light That Never Goes Out Clem James Yeatman Royal Exchange Theatre
After Edward Brendan O'Hea Shakespeare's Globe
Edward 11 Isabella Nick Bagnall Shakespeare's Globe
The York Realist Doreen Rob Hastie Donmar Theatre
Uncle Vanya Sonya Walter Meierjohnann Home Theatre
Chamaco Silvia Walter Meierjohnann Home Theatre
Carmen Disruption Michaela Michael Longhurst Almeida Theatre
Hamlet Ophelia Sarah Francom Royal Exchange
Macbeth Gentlewoman Kenneth Branagh Manchester and New York
The Thrill Of Love Doris James Dacre New Vic Theatre
A Taste Of Honey Jo Polly Findlay Sheffield Crucible
65 Miles Lucy/Michelle George Perrin Hull Truck Theatre
Once Upon A Time In Wigan Maxine George Perrin Hull Truck Theatre
Glory Dazed Leanne Ellie While Underbelly
Vote Of Confidence Jamie Anna Jordan Theatre 503
Punk Rock Tanya Gleason Sarah Frankom Lyric Hammersmith
Blithe Spirit Edith Sarah Frankom Royal Exhange Theatre
Sense Phoebe Mia Theil Have Southwark Playhouse
Manchester Katie Juliet Ellis Manchester Contact Theatre
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Title Role Director Production Company
Peterloo Mike Leigh Thin Man Films
Cinderella Cook/Flora Kenneth Branagh Disney
Hit And Run (short) Loretta Hannah Pike Stupid Boy Films


Title Role Director Production Company
Casualty PC Rox Adams Paul Riordan B.B.C.
Doctors Leia Piotr Szkopiak B.B.C.
Inspector George Gently Tina Hogg Bryn Higgins B.B.C.
Doctors Brook Durlow Dominic Keavey B.B.C.
Without You Tania Tim Fywell I.T.V.
United Molly James Strong B.B.C.
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Title Role Director Production Company Type
The Ravenswood Murders by Helen H. Durrant Narrator W F Howes Audiobook
Letter to Louis Alison Nadia Molinari BBC Radio Radio
The Invisible Rose and Maia BBC Radio Drama North Radio
Real Worlds - The Sky Is Wider Charlie Nadia Molinari BBC Radio 4 Radio
Emile Zola: Blood, Sex & Money Denise Kirsty Williams BBC Radio 4 Radio
Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit Jeanette Helen Perry BBC Radio 4 Radio
For One Night Only/ In A Minute Rowan Cheryle Martin BBC Manchester/ Contact Theatre Radio
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  • Alto
  • Ballet
  • Horse-riding


  • American-Standard
  • Cheshire
  • Lancashire
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester*
  • Northern
  • RP
  • Yorkshire
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