Curriculum Vitae


Title Character Director Venue
The Picture of Dorian Gray Sybil Séan Aydon Tour
Spring and Port Wine Florence Chris Honer Oldham Coliseum
Richard III Lady Anne/Richmond Sean Aydon Rosemary Branch Theatre
Static Lena Olavo Cavalheiro Churchill Theatre
Dorothy Maud Jake Smith The Bunker Theatre
The Boy Who Built Clock Girl Jake Smith The Arts Theatre
The Funfair Maria Walter Meierjohann Home Theatre
Zeros and Ones Sophie Trevor McFarlane JB Shorts
The Priest Grace Josh Azouz Library Theatre
Tis Pit She's a Whore Annabella David Shirley Wanamaker Festival, Shakepeare's Globe
Doctor Faustus Ensemble Toby Frow Royal Exchange Theatre
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Title Role Director Production Company
The Hunter's Prayer The Resident Jonathan Mostow Film Engine


Title Role Director Production Company
Hollyoaks Tracey Various Directors Lime Pictures
We Hunt Together S01 - S02 Allie Carl Tibbetts BBC
Home Lisa Various Directors Channel X Limited
Zero Hour Contract (TV Short) Amelia Jay Yip Wolfpack Productions
Peter Kay's Car Share Gemma Peter Kay Lime Pictures
Doctors Tilly Sean Gleeson BBC
Remember Me Lucy Fairholme Ashley Pearce Mammoth Screen / ITV
Give Out Girls Receptionist Chloe Thomas Big Talk Productions
Fresh Meat Cassie Annie Griffin Objective / Channel 4
A Passionate Woman Jive Dancer Kay Mellor BBC
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Title Role Director Production Company Type
All the Hidden Monsters by Amie Jordan Narrator Bolinda Audiobook
All My Love by Miranda Dickinson Narrator Bolinda UK Audiobook


  • Lancashire
  • Manchester
  • Northern
  • American
  • Cockney
  • RP
  • Yorkshire
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  • English

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Kate Dobson

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Kate Dobson - Department of Education Radio Ad


Kate Dobson-First Direct- 'Bank'- Commercial


Kate Dobson- First Direct- 'Money Type'- Commercial


Narration - No Secrets


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Kate Dobson