Bobby Schofield


Curriculum Vitae


Title Character Director Venue
Lost Souls 2 - Smigger's Wrecked Head Charlie David Kirby Royal Court Liverpool
The Miracle Of Great Homer Street Jamie Bob Eaton Royal Court Liverpool
The Full Monty Lomper Crucible Theatre/U.K. Tour
Tony Teardrop Billy Jen Heyes Liverpool Site Specific
What Was It Like In The War Nan? Little Alfie Sylvie Gattril Unity Theatre
Twelfth Night Valentine Andy Kerr Network Theatre
Twelve Angry Men Number 7 Matt Sheil 19 Furlong
Intimate Jamie Matt Rutter Liverpool Everyman
All Kinds Of Everything Eric Eddie Chinn Liverpool CC
Terriers Drew Martin Miriam Mussa Royal Court Liverpool
Billy Morrison- A Tribute Billy Chris Thomson Liverpool Playhouse
Illiyria Fesay/Shoemaker Matt Rutter Everyman/Playhouse YEP
Liverpool Maritime King Sylvie Gattrill Royal Court Liverpool
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Title Role Director Production Company
The Covenant Steve Kershaw Guy Ritchie Interpreter Productions Ltd.
Don't Breathe 2 Jared Rodo Sayagues Sony Pictures
Cherry Clover Anthony Russo & Joe Russo AGBO
Locked Down Noah Doug Liman Storyteller Productions
How To Build A Girl Pricey Coky Giedroyc Film 4
The Catcher Was a Spy Bill Dalton Ben Lewin I.F.C.
Black Sea Tobin Kevin Macdonald Focus Features/Film 4
The Last Ferry Jack Ian Lysaght Universal Pictures
Reds And Blues Jester Ian Lysaght Miracle Productions
Milner Daniel Mia Tag
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Title Role Director Production Company
Eric Kennedy Various Directors Sister Limited
SAS: Rogue Heroes S01 Dave Kershaw Tom Shankland Kudos Film and Television Limited
The Walk-In Matt Hankinson Paul Andrew Williams ITV Studios
The Suspect S01 Bobby Moran James Strong ITV
Anne Micheal Williams Bruce Goodison World Productions for ITV
Time Baz Various Directors BBC Grafton House Productions
Anthony Mick Woodfield Terry McDonough BBC
Inside No. 9 Patrick Various Directors BBC
Anne Michael Williams Bruce Goodison World Productions
Knightfall S01 Parsifal Douglas MacKinnon History Channel
The Shift Fleece Cap David Nath Minnow Films
Harley And The Davidsons Young Veteran Ciaran Donnelly Discovery Channel
Our World War Tom Ben Chanan B.B.C.3
Doctors Ed Walker Christine Ebohon B.B.C.
Grange Hill Carl Paul Murphy B.B.C.
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  • Drums*
  • Football
  • Wrestling


  • American-Southern States
  • American-Standard
  • Birmingham
  • Cockney
  • Irish-Northern
  • Irish-Southern
  • Lanarkshire
  • Liverpool*
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Northern
  • RP
  • Scottish-Standard
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