Andrew Schofield


Curriculum Vitae


Title Character Director Venue
Boys From The Blackstuff George Kate Wasserberg Liverpool Theatre
Scouse Sleeping Beauty Stephen Fletcher Royal Court Liverpool
Lost Souls 2 - Smigger's Wrecked Head David Kirby Royal Court Liverpool
The Miracle of Great Homer Street Bob Eaton Royal Court Liverpool
Midsummer Night's Dream Quince Nic Bagnall Liverpool Everyman
Little Scouse On The Prairie Bob Eaton Royal Court Liverpool
Council Depot Blues Bob Eaton Royal Court Liverpool
Lost Souls David Kirby Royal Court Liverpool
Song Of Singapore Spike Spalden Mark Babidge Bolton Octagon Theatre
Tuppence To Cross The Mersey Mick Ian Kellgren Liverpool Empire
Our Country's Good Collins/Robert Sideway Edward Dick Liverpool Playhouse
Flint Street Nativity Innkeeper Matthew Lloyd Liverpool Everyman
Brick Up The Mersey Tunnel Dickie Bob Eaton Royal Court Liverpool
On Tour Ray Matt Wilde Royal Court Liverpool
Misery Paul Jen Heyes
Of Mice And Men George Jonathan Church Old Vic Theatre
Breezeblock Park Ted Glen Walford Liverpool Everyman
Nevilles Island Gordon Gerard Kelly Liverpool Playhouse
A Christmas Carol Bob Cratchett Liverpool Playhouse
Sgt. Peppers Magical Mystery Trip Liverpool Playhouse
Seven Ages Of Woman Chris Bond Liverpool Playhouse/Tour
Scouse Clive Peter Rowe Liverpool Everyman
Self Catering Clint Eastwood Kate Rowland Liverpool Playhouse Studio
Blood Brothers Narrator Chris Bond Lyric Theatre West End
John Paul George Ringo & Bert The Kid Danny Hiller Nottingham Playhouse/West End
Sweeney Todd Tobias Ragg Chris Bond Half Moon Theatre London
A Man For All Seasons Cromwell Peter Oyston Liverpool Cathedral
Dr. Faustus Mephistopheles John Doyle Liverpool Everyman
No Holds Barred Noreen Kershaw Liverpool Everyman
Cinderella And Her Rockin' Fella Peter Roe Liverpool Everyman
Blood On The Dole Pip Broughton Liverpool Playhouse
Be Bop A Lula Gene Vincent Bill Morrison Liverpool Playhouse
One For The Road Denis Danny Hiller Liverpool Playhouse
Cavern Of Dreams Terry Bill Morrison Liverpool Playhouse
Stags And Hens Pip Broughton Liverpool Playhouse
Erpingham Camp Chris Bond Liverpool Playhouse
The April First Show George Costigan Liverpool Playhouse
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Title Role Director Production Company
The Partisan La Fouine James Marquand Sisyphus Sp
Sharkhunt Dominic Lees Channel 4
Revengers Tragedy Carlo Alex Cox Bard Entertainment
Heap Of Trouble Father Steve Sullivan Channel 4
Liam Uncle Tom Stephen Frears Lionsgate
There's Only One Jimmy Grimble Rocky Jeremy Bolt Impact Films/Pathe
Hamlet Young Lord Kenneth Branagh Castle Rock Entertainment
Sid and Nancy Johnny Rotten Alex Cox Initial/New Line
No Surrender Macker Peter Smith Channel 4
Distant Voices Still Lives Les Terence Davies B.F.I.
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Title Role Director Production Company
Boiling Point Delivery Driver Philip Barantini Boiling Point Limited
Help (TV Movie) Bob Berner Marc Munden The Forge
Tin Star S3 Father Kevin Justin Chadwick Kudos Limited
Little Boy Blue Kenny Richmond Paul Whittington I.T.V.
Young Cilla Robert Willis Paul Whittington I.T.V.
Savage Gerard Fraser Susan Tully B.B.C.
Walk Like A Panther Trevor Bolton
Liverpool Nativity Darren Richard Valentine B.B.C.
New Street Law Barry Lake David Skynner B.B.C.
Murphy's Law D.I. Thorpe B.B.C.
Donovan D.I. Kennedy Brian Kirk Granada T.V.
Holby City Ron Nigel Douglas B.B.C.
Nice Guy Eddie Danny Paddy Higson B.B.C.
Stan The Man (series) Tibbsy Various directors Granada T.V.
City Central Mulholland Kenny Glenaan B.B.C.
Maise Raine Jimmy Murphy Claire Winyard B.B.C.
Oliver Twist Toby Crackitt Renny Rye I.T.V./Diplomat Films
Casualty Pete North Claire Winyard B.B.C.
Melissa Foulkes Channel 4
Sharpe's Mission Pope Tom Clegg I.T.V.
Thief Takers Michael Chatter Colin Gregg I.T.V.
Jake's Progress Charlton Foulkes Robin Lefevre Channel 4/Diplomat Films
Rules Of Engagement Eric Charles McDougall Yorkshire Television
The Bill Tommy Jago Douglas McKinnon Thames Television
Blood On The Dole Postman Pip Broughton Channel 4
Doomsday Gun Paul Robert Young H.B.O.
Self Catering Clint Robin Lefevre Channel 4
Requiem Apache Peter David Jones Channel 4
The Long Road Eddie Tristram Powell B.B.C. Screen 2
Boon Gavin Matthew Evans I.T.V.
Scully Scully Les Chatfield Granada T.V.
G.B.H. Peter Robert Young Channel 4
Stay Lucky Caplan David Reynolds Yorkshire Television
Needle Vigilante Gillies McKinnon B.B.C.
El Cid Ade Tom Clegg Granada T.V.
The Marksman Leadbetter Tom Clegg B.B.C.
Kidnapped Ransome Jeanne-Pierre Decourt Harlech Television
Death Of A Young Man Cazza Viktors Ritelis B.B.C. Play For Today
Boys From The Blackstuff Nosebleed Policeman Philip Saville B.B.C.
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  • American
  • Cockney
  • Geordie
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • RP
  • Scottish
  • Yorkshire
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