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Title Character Director Venue
Red Mark Rothko Michael Grandage Donmar/Broadway/West End
And No More Shall We Part Dom Anne Kauffman Williamstown Theatre Festival
Howard Katz Howard Katz Doug Hughes Roundabout Theatre N.Y.
The Cherry Orchard Lopahkin Sean Mathias Mark Taper Forum L.A.
Fiddler On The Roof Tevye David Leveaux Broadway
Art Yvan Matthew Warchus Broadway
Molly Sweeney Frank Roundabout Theatre N.Y.
Night of The Iguana Rev. Shannon Richard Eyre National Theatre
Speed The Plow Fox Gregory Mosher National Theatre
Serious Money Zackerman Max Stafford Clarke Royal Court Theatre
Happy End Sam Wurlitzer Stuart Hopps R.S.C.
Taming Of The Shrew Petruchio Di Trevis R.S.C.
Viva Pinada Andy de la Tour Stratford East
Cherry Orchard Yepikhodov Nancy Meckler Leicester Haymarket Theatre
A Little Like Drowning Alfredo John Dove Hampstead Theatre
Macbeth Macbeth Chris Bond Liverpool Playhouse
Polly Morano Bill Pryde Cambridge Theatre Company
Dreyfuss Michael Nancy Meckler Hampstead Theatre
Destry Rides Again Destry Rob Walker Donmar Warehouse
Can't Pay?Won't Pay? Giovanni Rob Walker West End
Oklahoma Judd Fry Jamie Hammerstein West End
A Short Sharp Shock Pipkin Robert Walker Royal Court Theatre
Accidental Death Of An Anarchist Maniac Gavin Richards Half Moon Theatre
Wheelchair Willie Max Stafford Clarke Royal Court Theatre
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Title Role Director Production Company
Spider-Man: No Way Home Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus Jon Watts Marvel Studios
The Water Man Jim Bussey David Oyelowo Harpo Films
The Devil Has a Name Big Boss Edward James Olmos StoryBoard Media
Don't Let Go Howard Keleshian Jacob Estes Blumhouse Productions
Saint Judy Ray Hernandez Sean Hanish Cannonball Productions
The Front Runner Ben Bradlee Jason Reitman BRON Studios
Breakable You Paul Weller Andrew Wagner Sony Pictures
Sister Cities Mort Sean Hanish Lifetime
Paint It Black Cal Amber Tamblyn Imagination
Message From The King Preston Fabrice Du Welz Entertainment One
A Family Man Lou Wheeler Mark Williams Vertical
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Ali Massoud Sadiq Glenn Ficarra/John Requa Paramount
We'll Never Have Paris Terry Simon Helberg Orion Pictures
Return To Zero Robert Royal Sean Hanish Lifetime
Love Is Strange George Ira Sachs Sony Pictures
Emmanuel And The Truth About Fishes Dennis Francesa Gregorini Myriad
Abduction Frank Burton John Singleton Lionsgate
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Maxim Horvath Jon Turtletaub Walt Disney Pictures
Prince of Persia:The Sands Of Time Sheik Amar Mike Newell Walt Disney Pictures
The Tempest Stephano Julie Taymor Touchstone Pictures
An Education Jack Lone Scherfig B.B.C. Films
Nothing Like The Holidays Edy Rodriguez Alfredo de Villa Overture
The Lodger Chandler Manning David Ondaatje Sony Pictures
Pink Panther 2 Pepperidge Harald Zwart MGM
The Da Vinci Code Bishop Aringarosa Ron Howard Columbia Pictures
Hoax Dick Suskind Lasse Hallström Miramax Films
The Moon And The Stars Davide Rieti John Irvin Rusking Films
As You Like It Touchstone Kenneth Branagh H.B.O. Films
Spiderman 2 Dr. Octopus Sam Raimi Sony Pictures
Chronicles Victor Hugo Puente Sebastian Cordero Esperanto Filmoj
Coffee And Cigarettes Himself Jim Jarmusch United Artists
Luther Johann Tetzel Eric Till R.S. Entertainment
Identity Dr. Malick James Mangold Columbia
Undertaking Betty Boris Nick Hurran Miramax
Frida Diego Rivera Julie Taymor Miramax
Chocolat Comte Lasse Hallström Miramax
Texas Rangers Kingfisher Steve Miner Miramax
Magnolia Solomon Solomon Paul Thomas Anderson New Line
The Imposters Burtom Stanley Tucci
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Title Role Director Production Company
Three Pines Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Various Left Bank Pictures
ROAR “The Girl Who Loved Horses” Silas Various Endeavor Content
Feud: Bette and Joan Robert Aldrich Various Plan B Entertainment
The Normal Heart Ben Weeks Ryan Murphy H.B.O.
Assistance Daniel Kurtzman Adam Berstein N.B.C.
Loving Miss Hatto Barrie Victoria Wood B.B.C.
Murder On The Orient Express Hercule Poirot Karl Shenkel C.B.S.
A Place Of Lions Scarface Audrey Cooke Griffin Productions
Nervous Energy Ira Moss Jean Stewart B.B.C.
Atonement Ian Spiro Paul Greengrass L.W.T.V.
The Marshall Salvatore Guarnuaccia Alan Clayton H.T.V.
Trust Me Harry Tony Dow B.B.C.
A Very Polish Practice Tadeuz David Tucker B.B.C.
Angels George Philip Saville B.B.C.
Ashenden The British Agent General Karmona Christopher Morahan B.B.C.
Hancock Tony Hancock Tony Smith B.B.C.
Drowning In The Shallow End Spiros Colin Gregg B.B.C.
The Accountant Lionel Les Blair B.B.C.
Virtuoso John Ogden Tony Smith B.B.C.
Blat Gino Ed Bennett B.B.C.
Meantime John Mike Leigh Central T.V.
Feud Robert Aldrich Ryan Murphy Fox 21 TV
Close To The Enemy Harold Lindsay-Jones Stephen Poliakoff B.B.C.
Show Me A Hero Henry J Spallone Paul Haggis H.B.O.
Matador Andres Galan Various K/O Paper Products
Monday Mornings Dr. Harding Hooten Various T.N.T.
Harry's Law Eric Sanders David E. Kelly Warner Bros
Law And Order Los Angeles Ricardo Morales Allen Coulter N.B.C.
Roger & Val Have Just Got In Roger Jamie Rafn B.B.C.
The Company Harvey Torriti Mikael Salomon T.N.T.
Monk Peter Magneri Randy Zisk A.B.C.
Law And Order Gabriel Duvall Caleb Deschanel N.B.C.
Ladies Man series lead Various C.B.S.
A Year In Provence Tony David Tucker B.B.C.
Boon Special Guest Lead John Wood Central T.V.
Trials Of Oz George Melly Simon Curtis B.B.C.
El Cid Blake Matthew Bird Granada T.V.
Saracen Jose Morazan Ian Knox Central T.V.
Nativity Blues Hank Sue Dunderdale B.B.C.
Miami Vice Guest Lead N.B.C.
Casualty Antonia Bird B.B.C.
Cats Eyes Cropper Tom Clegg T.V.S.
Angels In The Annexe Rob Walker B.B.C.
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Title Role Director Production Company Type
Maya and the Three Lord Mictlan Jorge R. Gutiérrez Maya Entertainment Animation
Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans Archie Johane Matte, Francisco Ruiz-Velasco and Andrew L. Schmidt Dreamworks Animation Animation
Monsters at Work Professor Knight Kaitlyn Ritter Disney Television Animation Animation
Solar Opposites The Duke Various 20th Century Fox Television Animation
Santiago of the Seas Santa Claus Christofer Graham Nickelodeon Animation Studios Animation
Infinity Train Chandelier Various Cartoon Network Studios Animation
Wizards Archie Various DreamWorks Animation Animation
Crossing Swords Robin Hood John Harvatine IV Hulu Originals Animation
Harley Quinn Mr Freeze Various DC Entertainment Animation
Big City Greens Cogburn Chris Houghton Disney Television Animation Animation
Frozen 2 Agnarr Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee Walt Disney Animation Studios Animation
3Below: Tales of Arcadia Archie Rodrigo Blaas and Johane Matte DreamWorks Animation Television Animation
Henchman Baron Blackout Adam Wood BRON Studios Animation
Ralph Breaks The Internet Double Dan Phil Johnson / Rich Moore Walt Disney Animation Studios Animation
The Overcoat Grandfather Meelis Arulepp / Sean Mullen A Film Estonia Animation
Justice League Dark Destiny Jay Oliva Warner Bros. Animation Animation
Girls Vs. Aliens Kane Corus Entertainment Jed Spingarn Animation
Strange Magic Fairy King Gary Rydstrom Filmbox Animation
Heavenly Sword Bohan Gun Ho Jang AZ Works Animation
Justin and the Knights of Valour Reginald Manuel Sicilia Animation
Monsters University Professor Knight Dan Scanlon Walt Disney Pictures Animation
A Whisper to a Roar Narrator Ben Moses Appleseed Entertainment Animation
Rango Roadkill Gore Verbinski Paramount Pictures Animation
Wonder Woman Ares Lauren Montgomery DC Comics Animation
The Ten Commandments Rameses Bill Boyce Promenade Pictures Animation
Chill Out Scooby Doo Professor Jeffries Joe Sichta Hanna-Barbera Productions Animation
Steamboy Dr. Eddie Steam Katsuhiro Otomo Bandai Visual Company Animation
The Miracle Maker Simon the Pharisee Derek W. Hayes / Stanislav Sokolov BBC Animation
The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Abnur Tharn Matt Firor Zenimax Online Studios Video Game
Wilson's Heart Bela Blasco Josh Bear Twisted Pixel Games Video Game
The Elder Scrolls Online Abnur Tharn Matt Firor Bethseda Softworks Video Game
SpiderMan 2 Doc Ock Tomo Moriwaki Columbia Pictures Corporation Video Game
Summer Camp Island Various Various Cartoon Network Studios Animation
Robot Chicken Various Various Stoopid Buddy Stoodios Animation
Dragons: Race to the Edge Viggo Various Dreamworks Animation Animation
Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie Lasombra Raymie Muzzquiz Nickolodeon Animation Studios Animation
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Rippen Various Disney Animation Television Animation
Gravity Falls Multi-Bear Alex Hirsch Disney Animation Television Animation
Rick & Morty The Devil Various Harmonious Claptrap Animation
Justice League King Gustav Various Warner Bros. Animation Animation
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Award Title
Golden Globe Nomination - Best Supporting Actor Feud
Emmy Award Nomination - Best Supporting Actor Feud
Emmy Award Nomination - Best Supporting Actor The Normal Heart
BAFTA Nomination - Best Supporting Actor An Education
BAFTA Nomination - Best Supporting Actor Frida
SAG Award Nomination - Best Supporting Actor Frida
BAFTA Nomination - Best Actor The Accountant
Tony Award Nomination - Lead Actor in a Play Red
Tony Award Nomination - Lead Actor in a Musical Fiddler on the Roof
Tony Award Nomination - Lead Actor in a Play Art
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